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Dr. Bola

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

— Martin Luther King Jr

We do not have to wait till a girl dies before FGM is taken seriously. Waiting till death occurs passes a message that the life of a female does not matter much in society. We also do not have to wait until she has been mutilated. Let's report cases of FGM. Let's raise our voices. Your silence means denial of its harm and support of the cause. Your action means alot and can save a life or future.

— Dr. Bola Oyelakin Ogungbadejo

You don't need to have all the millions in your account to make an impact. Do the little within your capacity and your generation will be happy that you came.

— Dr. Bola Oyelakin Ogungbadejo

We owe the world the duty to rise in the fight against FGM and make the 2030 goal a reality.

— Dr. Bola Oyelakin Ogungbadebo

Say no to all forms of gender-based violence: FGM, Rape, breast ironing, sex trafficking, child marriage etc. Every girl deserves to be safe and happy.

— Dr. Bola Oyelakin Ogungbadejo

The fact that you were not mutilated doesn’t mean you should stay silent. Your silence means denial of its harm and support of its cause. SAY NO TO FGM

— Dr. Bola Oyelakin Ogungbadejo