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Books I Have Written

I write books that speak to people & structures, changing mindset and transforming lives.

You Need to Know

This book provides an inspirational guide and is full of timeless truths and principles that will help lay a good foundation for every young person. It is written for the youths who account for more than forty per cent of the population and they represent the stronger and more articulate members of the population. This book will help them to be more focused and determined to achieve laudable feats in life. It also provides youths with rich insight to help overcome the distractions around, ignore frivolities and pursue that which is most important in life and essentially open doors into their desired future. Though this book is primarily packaged for the youths, the older members of society can also benefit from its tested principles and lessons.

Stop the Razor

Female Genital Mutilation is an age long practice that, for strange and absurd reasons, has continued up till this 21st-century. Girls and women between the ages of 0 and 49 are being mutilated in their under part. It is not just about the act but the consequences of the act. While the act is troubling, the consequences raise even much more concern.Over 2000 years of the practice of destroying the vagina with the razor. One hundred years this year of the campaign against the unfair and bizarre practice. 2030, the target year to end all forms of vaginal mutilation. 10 years left to achieve this!Within these pages, you’ll get more enlightenment in comprehensible grammar about FGM, you’ll read real life encounters of survivors and victims told in fiction, and you’ll understand why it is a MUST you lend your voice to the call for its absolute elimination.It’s time to stop the razor!


Whether you’re at a quarter life crisis or midlife crisis, you’d find yourself again in these verses. In a time when identity crisis and moral turpitude are the order of the day, the need for individuals to find “self” becomes all-important.This collection seeks to unleash latent potentials in humans. It provides an ample portion of motivation to fight against societal pressure and wait patiently for good result, whilst working hard and smart because life is a house with multiple clocks, each clock with different hour and minute (time zone). It also encourages you to condemn and curb social vices, especially against the female gender, and relives your hope in your creator.In Positive Perspectives, the poet tells you to “Train your eyes!” and in “Your Words Your Power”, she says, “Don’t stop believing!” You are what you see and who you perceive yourself as. She encourages you to “Flush faults in a flood of forgiveness” because we all make mistakes. So, “… enjoy the fall” and arise and shine because “You’re the lion in this earthly jungle.”